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French engineer, I have been working for many years as a Software Developer in 'major account' companies of the industry, featuring Java and C/C++ code. As of today, I am a Freelance Drupal Expert. Since 2010, I am also an active contributor and member of the open-source Drupal project. I do participate in core development, and I am the maintainer of many Drupal modules used by numerous websites in the world.

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Trust an experienced Drupal developer!


Together, let's get your projects real!

No matter you Drupal project size, alone or in a team, I am the Drupal Freelance you need!
Besides Drupal, I have a lot of developer skills and can work with many coding languages: don't hesitate to contact me.

Problem analysis

Analysis and overall comprehension of the situation are my strength: I like to anticipate issues by pointing appropriate solutions for long term support.

Fullstack Drupal

Backend, Frontend, PHP, Twig or Javascript? Those words are scary? Don't panic, I can handle the whole stack of your Drupal project!

Audit, support and TMA Drupal

I can audit your Drupal website to ensure optimum maintenance and performance. I can also provide support and expertise for your projects.


Forged by years of both personal and professional experiences, my core values daily guide my work.

Caring in details

I am proud and like to do my best at producing the best work I can. Obsession for detail is what makes the difference between good and excellent!

Team work

Used to business environments, I like to quickly fit your team and match its habits. Git, Composer, NPM, Gulp or SCRUM methodology, I use a great variety of collaboration tools for better team work.

State-of-the-art code

I value empowering you to gain control over your own project. Respecting Drupal conventions and state-of-the-art clean and organized code, yourself or any other Drupal expert will be to take over your project maintenance.

Total transparency

You have a question? You don't understand something? Just ask! Communication is a key factor between all key players of a successful project.

Work in progress

We can always get better and I won't stop learning. My goal: know more tomorrow than today.

Always improve the tool

I don't only create Drupal websites. I do participate in maintaining Drupal itself as well as many numerous contributed modules.

Share my knowledge

Drupal is a participatory and open-source project. I totally embrace that philosophy on a daily basis and love to share my knowledge through trainings, free blog posts and being involved in the community. Have a look at the blog !

Dominique - Portrait

About me

I am a Software Engineer, graduated of both a French Engineer Degree and an English Master Degree in Computer Sciences. Passionated about science, scientific popularization and technology of all kinds. Cartesian and analytical mind, I love intellectual challenges and complex projects.

My jack of all trade personality led me to top-level sport practice, science popularization blogging, robot conception and even the creation of my own escape game facility. In summary, my overheated brain is always looking for a next challenge!

Name: Dominique CLAUSE
City: Villefranche-sur-Saône (near Lyon, France)

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More than 78000 websites over the world uses my Drupal modules. More info at


The time I have been a Drupal contributor! It is also the experience I have as a developer.