Drupal & Performance - slides and replay

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This year, at Drupal Dev Days Vienna 2023, I was privileged with the opportunity to give a presentation about performance. This was my first time ever presenting at a foreign language Drupal event, and I think it went well - I actually didn't receive any tomatoes, so... that's a win, right?

Anyway, without any further context, here are the slides from this presentation along with a video replay. I may write articles to delve into more detail on each of the topics, because as you'll see, this is just a quick overview due to the time limitations of these sessions.

Please don't hesitate to provide feedback in the comments.

Video replay

Drupal & Performance - Dominique CLAUSE
Drupal Dev Days Vienna 2023

The slides



Great talk, learned a lot of useful stuff. Would love to hear more about improving performance some day.

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